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Why Digitize Your Home Videos As Soon As Possible!

Do you keep thinking about digitizing your home videos but never get around to the task? Here’s why you need to stop procrastinating about it. 

Your Home Videos Could Be Lost in A Natural Disaster 

While we all hope this will never happen, natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, or wildfires don’t always come announced. If you’re lucky enough to escape, you probably won’t even have time to gather essentials like wallets and phones, let alone your home videos. There’s a high chance they will be lost or destroyed. 

Digital files backed up on the cloud will still remain accessible, even in the worst disasters. 

The Home Videos Will Eventually Succumb to Wear and Tear

Home videos stored on VHS tapes won’t last forever. In fact, even DVDs have a very short lifespan—about 5 years. To make sure your tapes last forever, you’d have to go to lengths to store them properly, ensuring there’s no dust or debris that could lead to scratches. 

Also, you’d have to maintain the right sun exposure, temperature, and humidity to avoid warping or fading. Alternatively, a digital video doesn’t get affected by physical elements in the same way. 

Your VCR May Break Down 

Is your VCR still working? Well, what if it breaks down and you’re unable to fix it? Companies that used to make VCRs are no longer in business, or they’ve shifted production to other devices and more modern technology. 

This means you could end up with a ton of VHS tapes with your memories on them with no VCR to play them for you!

Digitized Videos Can Be Watched on Many Different Screens

This is one of our favorite parts about digitizing home videos—they can be watched anywhere! A VCR can only be connected to a TV, and you can only watch your VHS tapes on television—but let’s be real, when was the last time you sat down to watch TV? 

We use our laptops, phones, and tablets a lot more frequently than we use televisions. Digitizing home videos would make them more accessible, and they won’t sit ignored in your living room under the television. 

It’ll Be Easier to Share the Digitized Versions 

Another amazing benefit of digitizing videos is that you get to share them with friends and family a lot more easily! Once you digitize a home video, you can make as many copies as you like and share them with your family on WhatsApp, email, or even on your drive or cloud. 

This will jog everyone’s memories and bring the family together, reminding you of your happiest memories made together. 

So, are you ready to digitize your memories to preserve them forever? Let us help you out!

At Pictures 2 Digital, we can help you convert home movies to DVDs and other digital formats. We can also help you with video restoration after a natural disaster and provide a digital photo conversion service

Give us a call to discuss it all further! 

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