Video Transfer

Preserve the VHS tapes by making video film transfer after a natural disaster into a format that will last for years to come, or better yet, why not before any disaster strikes? VHS tapes also take up a lot of space, but digital videos don’t. Try home movie transfer for downsizing and saving space.

Videos capture the movement and sound of our memories, bringing them to life in a way that still photographs cannot. From birthdays to weddings and holidays to everyday moments, videos preserve the sights and sounds that make our lives and our memories unique.

VHS, Super VHS, VHS C, Super VHS C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, Betamax and MiniDV. We also transfer audio tapes, SD cards, MiniDVDs, DVD and CDs to digital formats.

Transfer Videos Prices to Digital File or Flash Drive


1 Tape


2 Tapes

$20 per tape

3-5 Tapes

$15 per tape

6-10 Tapes

$13 per tape

11-20 Tapes

$12 per tape (min $135)

21-50 Tapes

$10 per tape (min $245)

51 and more Tapes

$8 per tape (min $505)

Media types (you may supply your own drives)

Flash Drive 16 GB

For about 15 hours of video


Flash Drive 32 GB

For about 30 hours of video


Flash Drive 64 GB

For about 60 hours of video


Flash Drive 128 GB

For about 120 hours of video



For each 2-6 hours of video tapes


Cloud based drive for your download

Free for 30 days,$1 per file per year there after.

Video Tape Transfer Order Form

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