Term of Service


Pictures 2 Digital offers digitization services for analog videos, movies, photos, slides, and audio tapes. We also create slideshows for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and memorial tributes. Our services include a hands-on review of all digitized content, removal of gaps in videos, color balance and sharpness enhancement, audio level improvement, maintaining video aspect ratio of the original media, one-on-one customer service, removal of unwanted video mixed in with the family video, and tape and film repair.



Although no payment is required until we complete your project, we require full payment of the amount for each of our services within 7 days of submitting your invoice. Completed work will not be available until invoice is paid. We retain the right to change the prices we charge for our services at any time and without providing any prior notice. Also, we reserve the right to make any changes in line with this right.


All content on our website, including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, images, and software, is Pictures 2 Digital owns the rights to this content, which is protected by intellectual property laws in the US and other countries. You may not reproduce, modify, distribute, or transmit any content on our website without our prior written consent. None of the information on our site, nor the quality or dependability of our services, are guaranteed or warranted in any way. We disclaim liability for any losses or injuries due to reliance on the information provided on this site or the performance of our services. We do not accept copyrighted material for duplication.

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