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Transfer Tapes to DVD

Transfer Tapes to DVD

Remember enjoying your favorite tape cassettes with your friends and family over the long weekend? That was about 20 years ago.

VHS was popular for decades before DVDs came into existence and flipped the script. But of course, our living room cabinets are still home to memorable home videos and the best television shows and movies from the last century—the kind we couldn’t get enough of!


But let’s be real. As nostalgic as these tapes are, they sit in dark corners collecting dust now. Many of us no longer have VCRs or VHS, but the tapes remain. Luckily, you can now transfer tapes to DVD and enjoy them for years to come. Or better yet, you can digitize them and save them on your computer or cloud for easier storage and access from anywhere! 

With our video-to-DVD transfer service, many of our customers have successfully preserved their memories. This isn’t just great for easier access, but it’s also critical to saving your memories and favorite tapes since VHS tapes may deteriorate when left unused for a long time. Therefore, to make sure they last you a lifetime, it’s important to make the most of our VHS-to-DVD conversion service! Make sure to do this sooner rather than later to avoid any loss of footage! 

At Pictures 2 Digital, we can also help you transfer old 8mm movies to DVD or digital videos to DVD. This can help you put your DVD player to good use! Also, if you have a box full of home movies of your children’s firsts, or other important events in your life, it’s important to convert those home movies to DVD, preserve them, and pass them on to your children. 

Our team is very experienced and skilled, and we take pride in our work. We also understand that the tapes you sent to us our more than just tapes, they are your memories, and we treat them as such. This essentially means we label each tape and carefully categorize it before converting it. This helps keep your tape safe. We also make sure to keep the originality intact while enhancing the video quality during VHS to DVD conversion. This helps to preserve the nostalgic appeal while making the final converted version better than the original in terms of the viewing experience! 

Ready to make the most of our VHS-to-DVD transfer service? Give us a call!

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